De-Stress in 10 Minutes or Less

Life comes lots of "musts." As in we must: deep clean, launch new initiatives, onboard, plan outings, volunteer, have life goals...the list goes on. Because of everything that's on our plates, we tend to be a little more stressed. Try one—or more!—of our favorite ways to quickly relax, restore and revive. 

Breathe. Our breathing becomes quick and shallow when we are stressed, tense or frustrated. Quickly reset and increase tranquility by taking deep, slow breaths.

Walk. Stress has a nasty side effect of making us get lost in our own minds. Problems become exaggerated and we might have a hard time making decisions. Walking literally takes us away from our problems. A quick lap around the office helps us refocus, refresh and renew our perspectives.

Laugh. Laughter boosts your immune system, relaxes your muscles and stimulates circulation— all proven physiological ways to stop stress in its tracks. Head to Google or YouTube and check out trending funny videos, read your favorite comic strip, or phone a hilarious friend for instant relief.

Clean. The very act of straightening, cleaning and organizing can be soothing, which in turn can flood your brain with happy hormones. Look around your cube or office and clean up the first pile you see. Everything already neat? Head outside for a quick walk and de-litter as you go.

Find Your Happy

By taking time to incorporate small moments of stress-free living in to your day, you actually do more than relax. You also reconnect YOU with your core self. Because only YOU know what makes you laugh, feels organized, and soothes you when you're on overload. Identifying the actions and thought patterns that create more peace in your life creates clarity...and I've found more clarity in any area of life ultimately creates the transformation (whether it's career, fitness, family, or another value) you’ve longed for.

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