Empower Yourself Through Meaningful Coaching And Career Navigation


Often the biggest barrier to achieving what you want is you – your assumptions, your fears, your doubts. The key to unlocking your happiness can be as simple as understanding who you really are.

Whether it’s your career, your relationships or your perspective on life, you have the power within you to create change. Sara Reed and Moonstone Coaching and Consulting can help you tap into that power and start living the life you desire.

Feel like yourself again by reconnecting your head with your heart and aligning your priorities with your values.


Sara is an insightful, supportive and caring individual that guided me through the process of a career change. She helped me overcome my fear of making changes and identifying what I valued in a future position. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources that any client would appreciate. I highly recommend Sara for anyone looking to make a change in their life either personally or professionally.
— Colleen R.


A Different Approach to Career Coaching

Sometimes, all we need is a little guidance, motivation, and a plan to take that first step forward. Let me guide you step by step to:

  • Help you remember who you are and uncover what’s important to you.

  • Shift your mindset and perspectives to overcome the fears and doubts tripping you up.

  • Explore the key elements needed to enhance your life and career possibilities and develop lifestyle and career habits that actually stick.

Attract the right Job 

Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or your perspective on life - you have the power within you to create change. Through assessments, reflection, and motivating dialogue and explanation, I can help you:

  • Build your career, change paths, and more.

  • Figure out what you want to do and how to get a fulfilling job.

  • Build confidence, learn how to navigate your corporate culture, and advance in your career.

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