For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by how the mind works and how our internal perceptions of ourselves and the world around us can have external, real-world outcomes. I’ve seen this dynamic play out firsthand in the lives of my colleagues, members of my team and my clients, where the only thing preventing them from overcoming a challenge, be it personal or professional, is their own fear and self-doubt. I founded Moonstone Coaching and Consulting to help my clients overcome their personal roadblocks and make a meaningful change in their lives.
— Sara Reed, Founder & CEO

Transform the way you think about work and life with an intensive, whole-life approach to coaching.

Following conventional “career rules” often leaves people feeling empty and like shells of their previous selves. My approach goes above and beyond traditional coaching services like resume and cover letter writing and interviewing skills.

I get down to the core of what makes you “you” so you can figure out what kind of career you truly want to create—whether you’re looking to advance or need a complete career change.

My clients are just as likely to reinvent themselves at their current place of employment as they are to seek and land a new position. I take the extra time and care to:

  • Use assessments to help you remember who you are and uncover what’s important to you.

  • Define your career and life goals and create a plan to achieve them and increase your happiness.

  • Identify obstacles, both internal and external.

  • Shift your mindset and perspectives to overcome the fears and doubts tripping you up.

  • Find your motivation and hold you accountable until your goals are reached.

  • Explore the key elements needed to enhance your life and career possibilities and develop lifestyle and career habits that actually stick.